Since 1959, Bost has been providing choices and opportunities in Western Arkansas for individuals with developmental and related disabilities so that they may live, work and play in the community.

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Answered Questions

From Laura Miler in Fort Smith, AR:  Do you help young adults with Aspergers? If so, what types of services do you offer?

Your answer:  We offer services to people with all types of disabilities.  The best way to know what services we could offer to a young adult with Aspergers is to call Katie Raines, Assistant Executive Director for DD Services, at 479-755-7305.

From Kimberly Nearn in Russellville, AR:  Does Bost, Inc. have any plans in the future to open accessible/affordable apartments for the clients in Pope County similar to what Fort Smith area has?

Your answer:  Bost is indeed looking at Pope County for possible future housing, as that has been identified as a high need; however, any project in that region would be several years away.

From Susie Smith in Greenwood, AR:  My daughter is 34 years old but has had a reading, learning disability most of her life. She needs help desperately. Is there any program for her to check on? She has anger & frustration with not able to understand or read.

Your answer:  Please call Laura Golden, Assistant Executive Director, at 479-478-5606.  She is most knowledgeable in the services and programs we offer and can help you get what you need.



From John Smith in Van Buren, AR: Do you know of any area attorneys that are knowledgeable in areas of helping parents obtain power of attorney for special needs children?

Your answer:  A few attorneys that have assisted with guardianship for families served by Bost, Inc. in the past are:

Cheryl Anderson
1021 Fayetteville Rd
Van Buren,  AR 72956


Rinda Baker
31 West Cherry St
Alma, AR  72921
Collier Moore
224 West Dickson Street, Suite 202
Fayetteville, AR  72701

please note you might wish to ask the difference in guardianship vs power of attorney because Power of attorney can be easily revoked and are not recognized by some entities.
If you have futher questions, please don't hesistate to contact Laura Golden at 479-478-5606.


From Barbara in Alma, AR:  My father is 82 years old and having trouble with his legs. My question is does he qualify for a waiver, even if he has medicare? And can I be his waiver?

Your answer, Ms. Calero:  Thank you for your interest in services provided by  Bost, Inc.  The service your speaking of is the Home and Community Based (HCBS) Waiver Services.  In order to qualify for  Waiver Services, the individual has to have a developmental disability before the age of 22 years old.  The Department of Disability Services (DDS) defines a developmental disability as one of the following:
Individual with an intellectual disability (IQ>70)
Cerebral Palsy
Or Any other Developmental disability that attributes or requires the same care

Although your father does not qualify for Waiver Services, he may qualify for Personal Care Services provided by a home health agency.  Below are a list of home health agencies for your convenience.

Amedisys Home Health Care

Area Agency on Aging (AAA)

Care Network Home Health
Mercy Home Health

Sparks Home Health

If you should need any further assistance or information please feel free to contact Jeff Lambert at 479.478.5596 (Office), 479.651.3534 ( Mobile) or

From Janice in Northwest Arkansas:  I heard a rumor that your organization may be looking for housing in Fayetteville in the future? Is there any truth to that? I'm really interested in such a prospect and would be grateful for any information you could provide about future plans. My daughter is 27 with Down's Syndrome. Thanks you in advance for your reply.


Your answer, Janice:  Yes, Bost, Inc. is beginning to search for accessible/affordable housing in NWA.  Typically, such projects take several years to develop.  Housing events and related news will be shared right here on the the Agency website, as well as on Facebook and Twitter!


From Kimberly in Lavaca, AR:  Hello!  I am 30 and disabled.  How would I see if I could sign up and I have been in something like this before in Branson, MO and Hot Springs, AR?  I also want to ask if y'all pick up people.


Your answer, Kimberly:  The best way to determine if and what kind of services you are eligible to receive is to call or email Jeff Lambert, Associate Director (479-478-5596) or Laura Golden, Assistant Executive Director for DD Services (479-478-5606).  They are incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of services in the State of Arkansas and would be more than happy to assist you!

From Marie Earls in Atkins, AR:  Why can't the Russellville office send out an email to all parents to keep them up to date on what is going on in the Russellville office?  Alsy why can't they do a Facebook page for our area?  If we knew what is going on, we might come to more stuff!


Your answer, Marie:  Bost, Inc. maintains a Facebook page and a Twitter page as an Agency so we can keep all our information in one place and make certain that it is monitored and up to date.  If you would like more specific inquiries about the Russellville office, please contact Jennifer Paterak, South Central Waiver Director at 479-967-3335.


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