Since 1959, Bost has been providing choices and opportunities in Western Arkansas for individuals with developmental and related disabilities so that they may live, work and play in the community.

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BJ Drummond

Posted on: Aug 2, 2012

BJ Drummond is a happy girl who loves her dogs, shopping and getting a makeover.

She has been receiving Bost services for about 7 years and has had 3 staff in that time. nd when we met BJ, she was down to 176 pounds.  She has since lost even more, putting her current weight at 155.8.  She lost weight after beginning to walk every day for 5 minutes but is now up to a 45 minute walk.  When the weather allows, BJ walks outside but she also walks on the treadmill and lifts weights.  Brittany encourages BJ to keep going and not give up.  Recently, all the hard work BJ put in paid off when she  won the weight loss contest that she was in!  BJ has the goal of being at 150 lbs by summer's end.

BJ has changed her diet with healthier foods, which she helps her mother and Brittany prepare.   BJ helps Brittany shop for healthy meals and chop vegetables. 

BJ has more self esteem since losing weight and taking better care of herself.  BJ's mom loves the more confident, outgoing person BJ is becoming.  At one point, she even told her mom "Just call me pretty!"  BJ  feels so much better about herself.  She is proud of who she is and that makes her mother SO proud.  Her mother attributes BJ's change in attitude to the positive way that Brittany has shown BJ to think about herself. This is just the beginning of BJ’s journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle!

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