Since 1959, Bost has been providing choices and opportunities in Western Arkansas for individuals with developmental and related disabilities so that they may live, work and play in the community.

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Aaron Argall

Posted on: Sep 24, 2012

Aaron Argall is a recent high school graduate and his mother, Victoria McGowan, couldn't be prouder.  Ms. McGowan credits Aaron's teacher for his success and said "Mr. David Brantley is worth his weight in gold!"  Mr. Brantley teaches in a self-contained classroom, utilizing desks and structure classroom instruction.  The first 3 weeks were challenging for Aaron but Mr. Brantley kept in contact with the family to let them know what was going on.  Aaron's behaviors went away and he began participating in the classroom activities.  When Aaron graduated from high school Mr. Brantley walked across the stage with him.

Aaron's family will look into day programs and work opportunities in the future but the choices are limited for him currently in Northwest Arkansas.  Aaron went to Pathfinders 2-3 days a week but his parent chose not to continue his enrollment primarily due to the progress he began making in the few short months we had Jacob working with him.  This really inspired hope in Mr. & Ms. McGowan, that given unlimited opportunity for growth, Aaron could be stretched farther than putting him in a program with set expectations.  Aaron is keeping busy with various tasks around the house, at the Crye-Leike office and in the community.  Aaron has been with Bost for about 8 years after receiving services through another organization that wasn't as progressive.

Aaron's caregiver, Jacob Perry, has been with Bost for a short time.  He has an aunt that receives services from Bost and had several wheelchair bounds friends growing up.  He is experienced with helping those with special needs but working with Jacob has been a real learning process.  Aaron taught Jacob a lot about Autism.  Jacob picks Aaron up from school, then they get a snack and hangout or ride go carts, go to the movies or walk around.  Aaron goes shopping with Jacob for his owns snacks but he likes to get only what is on the list and get out of the store quickly.  Aaron recently began to enjoy movies after a long period of requiring more silence.

Jacob helped Aaron learn to use Tap to Talk on an Android tablet, picture book and some sign language with prompts.  We now have continued to take this even further since Zane Williams came on board as Aaron's caregiver.  Zane works with Aaron daily on the iPad.  (Aaron still has the Android but since he was so successful with it, his family upgraded!)  Aaron will vocalize for Zane on request.  Anyone familiar with a non-verbal person with autism knows how fantastic that is!  With the help of Jacob and now Zane, the world is opening up for Aaron.

The family spends their weekends outdoors and enjoy lazy mornings with Aaron watching country music videos while dad makes pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  The family then chooses an outdoor activity like hiking.  Aaron loves to help his mom by feeding the dogs or with laundry and grocery shopping.  Aaron has a large extended family so there are lots of get-togethers.

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