Since 1959, Bost has been providing choices and opportunities in Western Arkansas for individuals with developmental and related disabilities so that they may live, work and play in the community.

Agency Directory

Last Name
First Name
Office #
Cell #
Email Address
Ahne Grace CHLDSRV 74th Street Certified Teacher 479-478-5562  479-650-2261
Albuja Pablo Bost CARES Foster MHP 479-784-1467
Ashworth Meghan Bost CARES Foster MHP 479-784-1453
Ashworth Melody Clinical Services Woodcrest QIDP/Facility Supervisor 479-675-5032 479-4557
Autrey Joshua Administration Frick Executive Assistant 479-478-5554 479-226-2030
Baumgartner Trish Waiver Frick Fort Smith Waiver Director 479-478-5598 479-438-1821
Beaman Julie WAVR Lowell Receptionist 479-717-2385
Belcher Shaterra Children's Services Sykes Assistant Site Manager 479-478-5655 479-926-3074
Blair Debra WAVR Russellville TB Nurse 479-967-3335 ext. 209
BOST Complaint Hot Line   ADMIN Frick   479-478-5454    
Bostaurant   ADC Foster   479-478-5639    
Bowie Mellissa Children's Services Dardanelle Certified Teacher 479-229-2220 ext 207
Boyd David WAVR Frick Lead Case Manager 479-478-5584
Brazil ICF/MR   ICF Brazil   479-646-9739 479-522-7202  
Bruce Karen CHLDSRV 74th Occupational Therapist 479-478-5569
Butcher Stephanie Children's Services Yorkshire Speech Therapist   479-226-2805
Button Ann ADC Foster Representative Payee Assistant 479-478-5634
Caldwell Laura Bost CARES Foster MHP 479-784-1453
Calero Debbie Waiver Frick Case Manager 479-478-5451
Carpenter Jonathan IT Foster Director of Information Technology 479-478-5696 479-221-1336
Carroll Kacie Bost CARES Foster MHPP 479-784-1450
Chamberlain Sandy CHLDSRV 74th Assistant Director 479-478-5555 479-561-2679
Chapman Cheryl CHLDSRV Yorkshire Certified Teacher 479-242-6176
Chanthivong Jimmy IT Foster   479-478-5672
Clark Cindy Bost CARES Foster Bost CARES Nurse 479-784-1469
Clark Gabrielle Children's Services 74th  Speech Therapist 479-478-5570 479-461-6843
Clayton Samarah HR Frick HR Director 479-478-5588
Clem Theresa CHLDSRV Witcherville Cook 479-928-0128
Coffman Megan ABC Dardanelle DDTCS Service Coordinator 479-229-2220 x 202
Corbitt Tammy CHLDSRV 74th Certified Teacher 479-478-5562
Cox Jonathan Prop. Mgmt PM Building Property Management Director 479-478-5470 479-652-4093
Crandall Rebecca Waiver Frick Coordinator 479-478-5449 479-222-8001
Cueto Alexa Marketing & Fundraising Lowell Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator   501-350-1790
Curtis Tina WAVR Booneville Case Manager/Coordinator 479-675-5469
Davidson Valorie WAVR VBWF Case Manager 479-922-2144
Denton Reba ADC Foster Work Development Manager 479-478-5642 479-285-1005
Duran Juan PM PM Building Floor Care Supervisor   479-462-8055
Eastin Lindsay WAVR Frick Case Manager Assistant 479-478-5588 479-208-1447
Emberson Lesa DARD Dardanelle 0-2 Case Manager 479-229-2220
Emergency On Call   WAVR Booneville   479-653-3143    
Emergency On Call     Bost CARES   877-471-5565    
Emergency On Call   WAVR Ft. Smith   479-653-0087 877-476-5479  
Emergency On Call   WAVR Russellville   479-747-5291    
Evans Amanda Waiver Lowell Coordinator 479-717-2216
Favela Lisa CHLDSRV Foster Site Supervisor 479-478-5655
Fax Felicia McLeod WAVR Booneville Case Manager 479-675-9023    
Fax Jane Alverson WAVR 74th St Agency Nurse 479-478-6958    
Fax Susan's Office WAVR Frick   479-452-0651    
Fax   Marketing & Fundraising 74th St   479-452-2014    
Fax Director's Office PM PM Building   479-478-5471    
Fax   ADMIN Frick   479-478-5552    
Fax Training Office WAVR Frick   479-452-0651    
Fax AP/Billing Office FINANCE Frick   479-478-5613    
Fax   Bost CARES Frick   479-784-1471    
Fax   HR Frick   479-478-5619    
Fax Reba's Office Manufacturing Foster   479-478-5653    
Fax Linda's Office PC Foster   479-478-5690    
Fax Receptionist's Office ADC Foster   479-478-6004    
Fax Melody's Office ICF WoodCrest   479-675-5464    
Fax Dana's Office CHLDSRV Yorkshire   479-783-7675    
Ferrari Lisa Admin Frick Medicaid Integrity Coordinator 479-478-5582
Flemming Misty Chidren's Services Yorkshire/Sykes Physical Therapist Assistant 479-785-5484
File Room         479-478-5582    
Floyd Ada Bost CARES Foster MHP 479-784-1464
Fontaine Christina CHLDSRV 74th 0-2 Case Manager 479-478-5566
Frazier Sara CHLDSRV 74th CDA 479-478-5571 479-561-3191
Fuller Christina ICF Foster RN 479-478-5452
Fuller Lesa ICF Foster Director of ICF/MR 479-478-5624 479-462-8036
Gann Maggie HR Frick HR Coordinator 479-478-5604
Garcia-Reynoso Antonio PM PM Building Facility Maintenance Assistant   479-763-5569
Garrett Willy PM PM Building Facility Management Assistant   479-462-5362
Gibbs Mandy CHLDSRV Witcherville Speech Therapist 479-928-0128   mgibbs@bost.rog
Gipson Lindsey WAVR Lowell Director of NWA Waiver 479-717-2374 479-652-2401
Goodyear Nicole Admin Russellville Programs Executive Administrator 479-967-3335 ext 218 479-747-2988
Green Jannia ICF Brazil LPN, Brazil Supervisor 479-646-9739 479-651-1637
Hamilton Jessica Bost CARES Foster MHP 479-784-1462
Hamilton Kaylen Clinical Services Foster Clinical Administrative Assistant 479-478-5625
Hardgrave Cindy ADC Dardanelle Site Manager 479-229-2220 479-652-4000
Harmon Taneeka Finance Frick Billing 479-478-5610
Harper Danny Clinical Foster QIDP 479-478-5627
Hatcher Lisa Bost CARES Foster MHPP 479-784-1450
Hatley Shirley WAVR Russellville Case Manager 479-967-3335
Hayden Randy PROP MGMG PM Building Fleet Management Technician   479-653-4258
Hays Jalyn Bost CARES Foster MHPP 479-784-1450
Henley John Finance Frick Accounting Assistant 479-478-5614
Henson Jeremy WAVR Frick Staff Development Specialist 479-478-5603
Heydenreich Brenda CHLDSRV Witcherville Site Manager 479-928-2011
Hill Peggy Sue Waiver Russellville/Fort Smith Waiver & PC Utilization Specialist



Hinkle Vaunita Bost CARES Frick MHP 479-784-1443
Hobbs Charly WAVR Lowell Waiver Coordinator 479-717-2389
Holland Michelle Children's Services Yorkshire Assistant Site Supervisor 479-785-5484
Holland Ramona ADC Foster Representative Payee Asst. 479-478-5633
Howard Kathy Work Dev. Foster Work Development Quality Control 479-478-5643
Howe Robbin Finance Frick Payroll Coordinator 479-478-5466
Hubbard Ashley WAVR Russellville Case Coordinator 479-967-3335
Hunt April WD Foster Work Development Manager Admin Assistant 479-478-5659
Irby Candace CHLDSRV 74th Certified Teacher 479-478-5557
Jackson Barbara WAVR Russellville Senior Staff Development Specialist 479-967-3335
James Bobby WD Foster Job Coach 479-478-5688 479-653-7810
Jaqua Cassandra Children's Services Dardanelle Certified Teacher 479-229-2220 ext 206
Johnson Jan FINANCE Frick Billing Supervisor 479-478-5607
Johnson Jennifer Bost CARES Foster MHP 479-784-1453
Johnson Laura Waiver Lowell Case Manager
Johnson Michael Property Managment PM Building Facility Maintenance Supervisor 479-478-5472 479-259-6831
Jones Rhonda ADC Foster ADC/Work Development Director 479-478-5450 479-739-0374
Jones Amy CHLDSRV 74th ABC Teacher 479-478-5571
Judkins SuAnn CHLDSRV Dardanelle Asst. Manager 479-229-2220
Kang Shara Bost CARES Foster Bost CARES Manager 479-784-1470
Kastendick Kathy CHLDSRV 74th 0-2 DDTCS Coordinator 479-478-5561
Keck Amanda Work Development Foster Work Development Supervisor 479-478-5652
Keele Cristy Administration Russellville Programs Executive Administration 479-967-3335 479-518-0761
Kovalck Linda Finance Frick  Billing
LeGrand Kaylee Waiver Frick Case Manager 479-784-1426
Lewis Laura Admin Frick Medicaid Integrity Supervisor 479-478-5654 479-561-2961
Lewis Stephanie ADC   Job Coach      
Lindsey Teresa CHLDSRV 74th Assistant Site Manager 479-48-5574
Little Charolette Clinical Serv. Foster Staff Development Specialist 479-478-5626
Lipe Farica Waiver Frick Case Manager Assistant 479-478-5461 479-222-2247
Little Lisa Bost CARES Foster MHP 479-784-1430
Lott Raechel Bost CARES Foster MHPP 479-748-1440
Mack Robert CHLDSRV 74th Occupational Therapist 479-478-5572
Mackey Sherry Children's Services Witcherville Physical Therapy Assistant 479-221-2938
Maginot James WAVR Frick Assistant Executive Director 479-478-5596 479-222-7155
Marquis Tricia CHLDSRV Yorkshire Occupational Therapist 479-785-5484
Martinez Angelo Children's Services 74th Physical Therapist 479-926-7575
McClellan Dustin CHLDSRV 74th Site Supervisor 479-478-5574
McDaniel Kenny WAVR Frick Waiver Transporter   479-629-0749
McLeod Felicia WAVR Booneville Case Manager 479-675-5469
McMahen Kasey Children's Services Sykes Speech Therapist   479-650-4303
Meador Gail PM PM Building Property Management Assistant 479-478-5474
Mendenhall Mary Lou Waiver  Frick Coordinator 479-478-5618
Miller Kristal Human Resources Frick HR Assistant 479-478-5460
Miller Verlyne Finance Frick Director of Finance 479-478-5615 479-221-2822
Mills Matthew WAVR Russellville Case Coordinator 479-967-3335 479-747-4607
Montgomery Jeanne Marketing & Fundraising 74th Street Director of Marketing & Fundraising 479-478-5556 479-652-4553
Moore Coy Property Management PM Building Floor Care Tech 479-653-7503
Morgan Donna RSPMI Foster MHPP 479-784-1453
Morgan Julie FINANCE Frick Payroll Clerk 479-478-5458
Morgan Mindy ADC Foster DDTCS Service Coordinator 479-478-5630
Morlen Kim WAVR Harrison Coordinator 870-204-6100
Morris Brittanie Waiver Russellville Admin Support 479-967-3335 x 210
Moulton Judy WAVR Frick Secretary 479-478-5595
Neblick Christina CHLDSRV 74th ABC Teacher 479-478-5571 479-522-4611
O'Kelley Ferba CHLDSRV 74th Children's Services Co-Director 479-478-5559 479-414-1424
On Call Coordinator NWA WAVR NWA Coordinator 479-202-5144 479-721-2498  
Passmore Andi Bost CARES Foster MHPP 479-784-1453
Paterak Jennifer WAVR Russellville SC Waiver Director 479-967-3335 479-280-8827
Perry Matthew WAVR Russellville Case Coordination 479-967-3335
Phillips Tena WAVR Frick Case Manager 479-478-5453 479-206-4225
Plummer Mary WAVR Russellville Case Manager 479-967-3335 ext 210
Post John Prop Mgmt PM Building Facilities Management Lead   479-353-0729
Powell Tammy Admin Frick/Russellville Director of Fort Smith Waiver 479-478-5662 479-222-8000
Presley Carey Children's Services Witcherville Speech Therapist   479-719-0725
Presson Robin Bost CARES Foster MHPP 479-784-1458
Putman Melissa Personal Care Frick QIDP 479-478-5587
Raines Katie WAVR Frick Executive Director  479-478-5606 479-755-7305
Raines Trista WAVR Lowell Staff Development 870-204-3491
Reed Shelby Waiver Frick Coordinator 479-478-5663 479-353-2789
Receptionist   WAVR Frick   479-478-5579
Receptionist   ADC Foster   479-478-5695    
Reese Jessica Children's Services Witcherville Assistant Site Manager 479-928-0128 479-227-8436
Reese Migdalia CHLDSRV 74th DDTCS3-5 Asst. Coor 479-478-5462
Renfro Linda Personal Care Frick Director of Nursing 479-478-5597 479-209-3492
Renfro Lu Ann FINANCE Frick Private Insurance Billing 479-478-1421
Richardson Sara Clinical Serv. Woodcrest LPN 479-675-0412 479-652-4556
Riley Misty Finance Frick Payroll Clerk 479-478-5608
Roderick Madelyn FINANCE Frick Accounts Payable Clerk 479-478-5599
Rowland Michael Bost CARES Foster   479-784-1444
Rushing Marie Finance Frick Billing 479-478-5614
Sanders Audrey WAVR Frick Lead Coordinator 479-478-5592 479-222-2480
Scamardo Gwen Children's Services 74th  CDA 479-478-5571 479-522-2394
Scarborough Jackie Bost CARES Foster Bost CARES Director 479-784-1449 479-651-9653
Scheiwe Beth Clinical Services Woodcrest LPN 479-675-0412
Seals Warren Bost CARES Foster MHP 479-784-1450
Sierra Lilliana CHLDSRV 74th DDTSCS Assistant/Spanish Interpetor 479-478-5464 479-806-8664
St. Sauver Kristina Waiver Lowell Case Manager 479-717-2445
Stephens Kristen Bost CARES Foster MHPP 479-784-1450
Stoufer Linda CHLDSRV 74th Nutrition 479-478-5578
Stout Francis Finance Frick Billing 479-478-5609
Surls Stephanie TRAINING Frick Staff Development Specialist 479-478-5667
Swaim Amanda Finance Frick Accounting Clerk 479-784-1426
Tallkason Karrie CHLDSRV Witcherville Occupational Therapist 479-928-0128
Taylor-Marshall Andrea Children's Services Foster DDTCS Service Coordinator 479-478-5623
Tenango Sherry WAVR Russellville Coordinator 479-967-3335 479-453-0528
Tucker Kim WAVR Booneville Coordinator 479-675-5469 479-518-4787
Tyler Denelta ADC Foster Bostaurant Supervisor 479-478-5637
Urban Ron Property Management PM Building Grounds Management Lead   479-221-1570
Van Complaint Line         479-478-5455    
Volgeltanz Josie HR Frick EBA Recruiter 479-478-5605
Wagner Kristin Bost CARES Foster MHP 479-784-1462
Walker Terri ADC Foster DDTCS Service Coordinator 479-478-5594
Warrick Audry PC Frick QMRP/Assistant 479-478-5597 479-652-0325
Weatherl Kathy Admin Russellville Director of Corporate Compliance & Quality Assurance 479-967-3335 ext 212 479-970-7857
Weaver Susan WAVR Frick Office Coordinator 479-478-5594
Webb Cassandra Waiver Frick Case Manager 479-784-1421
West Ashley Waiver Frick Coordinator 479-478-5616
Willow Creek ICF/MR   ICF Willow Creek ICF/MR   479-452-0120 479-522-7202  
Womack Karen Bost CARES Foster MHP 479-478-1453
WoodCrest Living Ctr   ICF WoodCrest   479-675-5032 479-462-7449  
Work Dev. Shop   Work Dev Foster   479-478-3635    
Yager Dallena Manufacturing Foster Manufacturing Manager 479-479-5641
Yoes Garrett ADC Foster ADC Adminstrative Assistant 479-478-478-5622

Updated 7/25/16