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For Individuals with Developmental & Intellectual Disabilities

Welcome to Bost.

We are a community-based, not-for-profit agency providing services for individuals in Arkansas who have developmental and intellectual disabilities.

We’re making
a big difference.

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“From a tiny acorn grows a mighty oak.”

Dr. Roger Bost, Founder

You can help us expand our reach.

Every donation helps us to maximize the quality of life for individuals with disabilities as well as their families.

Experience a truly rewarding career.

Our people tell the story.

The Bost community is made up of men, women, parents, children, workers & staff, all with a common mission: To empower.

December Anniversaries!

21 YEARS - Rebecca Hansel, Shirley Garrison 19 YEARS - Dyann Hancock 15 YEARS - Tina Morgan 14 YEARS - Diane Ragsdale, Gerald Henson 13 YEARS - Robert Thomas 12 YEARS - Kylie Shepard, Cynthia Deeming 11 YEARS - Beverly White 10 YEARS - Bertha Baker, Dera McElroy,...

Calvin Reed, Giving Back to His Community!

In Fort Smith, Arkansas, an extraordinary individual named Calvin Reed has been quietly helping the homeless and disenfranchised in the community for many years. Despite facing his own obstacles, Calvin has shown resilience and dedication by devoting his time to...

The Great Diamond Heist!

“Whodunnit?” The ACTS (Acting Creates Therapeutic Success) program in conjunction with ArTs at Bost and The ACHE OT Program put on a fantastic performance of The Great Diamond Heist on August 29th, 2023, at the ACHE Research Institute Health and Wellness Center. The...

November Anniversaries!

29 YEARS - Danny Harper 19 YEARS - Detra Pearcy 17 YEARS - Suzanne Remy 14 YEARS - Lisa Charlton 13 YEARS - Toni Gregory, Christina Neblick 12 YEARS - Sidney Weaver 10 YEARS - Francis Stout, Rose Gatling, Silascia Huff 9 YEARS - Christina Pitts, Manuel Portal 8 YEARS...

October Anniversaries!

22 YEARS - Ann Button 18 YEARS - Maureen Blackburn 17 YEARS - Julie Morgan 16 YEARS - Randall Willis 15 YEARS - Katherine Johnson 12 YEARS - Roberta Johnson, Brenda Morgan, Michael Figueroa 11 YEARS - Dana Morris, Daniel Lowery 9 YEARS - Christinna Veerkamp, Melissa...

September Anniversaries!

22 YEARS - Robin Reno 17 YEARS - Loretta Carter 15 YEARS - Theresa Lovelace, Rena Drummond, Lesa Fuller 13 YEARS - Leslie Adams 12 YEARS - Cindy Hardgrave, Cherry Guillory, Tracy Carter, Peter Pratt 11 YEARS - LaWanda Jones, Garret Toes, Kasey McMahen 10 YEARS -...

August Anniversaries!

24 YEARS - Felicia McLeod, Jeanne Hill 23 YEARS - Luann Wise, Sadie Crosby 19 YEARS - Patricia Smith 15 YEARS - Cimeron Mumbower 14 YEARS - Kimberly Tucker 13 YEARS - David Grieve 12 YEARS - Patsy Long, Elisabeth Fortier, Shannon Brown, Kimberly Lewis 11 YEARS -...

July Anniversaries!

21 YEARS - Madeline Roderick 18 YEARS - Chase Butler, Deborah Teale 15 YEARS - Rachel Livingston 14 YEARS - Sherry Morris, Brenda Acord, Lori Sprenger 13 YEARS - Jesus Llamas, Brandi Simpson 12 YEARS - Lora Wigley 11 YEARS - Juan Duran, Beth Hearron, Ryan Stephens 10...

June Anniversaries!

24 YEARS - Rhonda Jones 23 YEARS - Yadira Martinez 20 YEARS - Angela Fox 19 YEARS - Bridget Blake, Nolvia Llamas, Edward Lowry 18 YEARS - Amanda Marlin 17 YEARS - Stephanie Surls, Kristina Walters, Petra Woodward 15 YEARS - Christina Ponsetto 12 YEARS - Michael Burns,...

Go Baby Go!

The “Go Baby Go – Follow Me” program began at the university of Delaware in 2006 and has been adopted by over 40 groups and universities since. At University of Arkansas Fort Smith, Dr. Kiyun Han, Associate Professor of Electronics Technology & Electrical...