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Bost Work Development Services has faced many challenges since the start of COVID-19. We are very grateful to our community partners who have continued to support our mission here at Bost. We currently complete projects for 11 different companies here locally and in other parts of the United States.  These companies allow us to provide a service for them, while helping our consumers with developing vocational and work-readiness skills. Our consumers have the ability to supplement a company’s current work force by doing some of the more time-consuming jobs. The consumers receive training and learn skill sets to complete the many different jobs listed below:

Packaging and Assembling Items (Screw Kits)


Heat Sealing

Cut to Size and Build Wood Crates and Pallets

Air Stapling & Nailing for (Wood & Corrugated Cardboard)

Small Scale Weight and Measurements

Counting Parts


Sorting and Reworking Parts

Various Other Projects

The consumers pictured are working on filling bags with a concrete additive. The concrete additive arrives in large gaylord boxes. The gaylord is opened and drops onto the table which allows the consumers to bag it. Small bags are filled, weighed, sealed and boxed for shipment back to our customer.

The Bost Work Development Program serves adults 25 or older, who meet the disability criteria.   We are always looking for new projects, if you or someone you know could use our help, please reach out to Reba Denton, Bost Work Development Manager, 479-478-5642 or

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