A Year of Great Teamwork!
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Over the past year, the nursing department has had to adapt in order to meet the medical challenges presented, with COVID-19 being one of the biggest.  It hasn’t been a path traveled alone, but a year of dedicated teamwork, collaboration and cooperation between nursing and all Bost programs and departments.  For this, we are most grateful.  It has been so inspiring to have such consistent and faithful support from so many. Through teamwork, we have been able to update processes, policies and procedures allowing Bost to provide improved, more effective and efficient care to the individuals that we serve. Technology has played a big part in that, allowing us to continue to assess individuals and provide important medical care and training through FaceTime, Zoom, Teams and Google Duo.  During this age of COVID-19, these technologies have allowed for us to follow CDC recommended social distancing while maintaining the safety of the consumers, guardians and staff.  Teamwork between nursing and the different Bost programs has also played a key role in the reporting, documenting and monitoring of COVID-19 cases for the past ten months. Moving forward in the New Year, nursing looks forward to continuing the great collaboration between departments and programs to further improve the daily processes that affect the quality of care provided to the wonderful individuals that we are committed to serving.

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