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When Fawn began working with Allen, he was living in a Group Home. He was displaying behavior problems and his family felt he was seriously over-medicated. He was removed from the group home and began receiving services through the Bost Waiver Program in Harrison. Under the advice of his doctor, Allen was weaned from his medications.

Allen likes to keep his environment very clean and tidy and enjoys having his own things. Allen enjoys practicing for Special Olympics, watching television, and helping his neighbors. Allen displays his independence by making his bed daily, setting the table, taking care of his dishes and trash. He often takes the trash out for elderly neighbors.

Allen Copeland has worked at Boone County Work Services Center for nearly 2 years. He enjoys his job of removing plastic and weighing boxes. He also packages bolts. Allen has come a long way since he lived in the group home. Since his transition to Bost, Fawn said Allen has never had a “bad day.” He is very happy, sweet, and personable. If he has something that concerns him he talks about it instead of acting out.

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