Amanda Keck, Bost to a “Tea!”
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This is Amanda Keck a long term Bost Work Development employee. Amanda has been employed at Bost since September 9, 2003. She just recently celebrated 16 years of service. Amanda currently works as a Work Development Supervisor. She oversees the Shipping and Receiving Area. In addition to her supervisory role, she is the Project Manager for Simple Loose Leaf Tea. She plays an integral part in the success of this project. The project started out really small, packaging and shipping about 1000 boxes a month. The consumers would label and box for shipment. This project has grown exponentially under Amanda’s leadership. The consumers now fill and label the tea bags, label packages and pack them out. They are now completing the project from start to finish. They are currently mailing out around 3000 packages a month. With Amanda’s help and guidance, the consumers have taken on a new project which is single flavored cups. This project is shipped directly to Amazon and currently we are shipping approximately 1500 cups a month. We are really excited Amanda Keck is part of Team Bost and the Work Development Program. She is a real asset to this project and the other projects the Work Development Program completes.  If you have a company needing help with a project, please consider Bost Work Development. The current projects consist of sub-assembly, packaging, sorting, and quality control. Bost Work Development is always looking for new opportunities.  If we can be of assistance, please contact Reba Denton 479-478-5642 or 479-285-1005,


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