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April Hunt has been employed with Bost for 13 years.  She began in the Waiver Services program, but the schedule clashed with school, so she applied to work weekends at the Woodcrest Facility in the ICF/IID program.  She remembers her first day working at Woodcrest was July 4 and she and the residents went to see the new Transformers movie that had just come out then went back to the home and shot off fireworks. Her friends were jealous of how much FUN her job was!  She worked there for 5 years, driving the Woodcrest residents to the Foster Building for day programs.  When the Work Development Assistant Manager position opened, she applied and has been working there since.


Recently, Reba Denton, April’s supervisor, had to take some time off to handle a difficult family situation.  April took on the additional responsibility of day-to-day management of the Work Development program which, while stressful, allowed April to learn she is more resilient than she knew.  Meeting the challenges and things asked of her also grew her confidence and she enjoys feeling needed.  Reba said she wanted April to know “how much she appreciates the person and employee she is. She is doing a great job.”  There have been no complaints from any customers, April has kept things running smoothly and while there is still a lot to learn, she is willing and able to do it.  April said, “I know that Reba has a lot on her plate right now and I just want to make sure things go correctly and as smoothly as possible.”


Thanks to the encouragement and support of her family, April will graduate next May with a degree in Organizational Leadership.  When she isn’t working or going to school, April spends a lot of time with her family & friends, is an avid Razorback fan, enjoys going to sporting events, fishing, and spending time on the lake in the summer.  In her downtime, she also really enjoys relaxing at home with her dog Gus.

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