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Arts at Bost has been expanding! In 2023 Arts at Bost has added art classes in Russellville and Rogers. Arts at Bost will also be adding a second art class in Fort Smith for more budding artists! We are excited about the expansions and look forward to all the fun projects and activities in the future.

ArTs at Bost also attended the 7th annual DDS Fall Food and Craft Festival in Little Rock on Friday, October 6th. Fifteen artists and staff traveled to Little Rock to host the ArTs at Bost booth-selling artwork and magnets made in the art classes provided by Bost each Thursday. 27 artworks were sold! When not working at the booth, they were able to visit other booths, purchase artworks, and eat from food trucks. There was also live music everyone enjoyed dancing to.

Arts at Bost has an art exhibit up at the Fort Smith Regional Art Museum until February 4th, 2024. The opening reception was Friday, October 20th. The exhibit is titled- Arts at Bost Creativity, Connection and Choices.  Weekly art classes are offered in Fort Smith, Russellville, and Rogers in partnership with artists Melinda Shores, Jenny Cates, and Eden Miller with support from the Arkansas Arts Council. ArTs at Bost currently serves over 40 artists with disabilities in the art classes. The exhibit features artwork from both the Fort Smith and Rogers art classes. There are 40 artworks on display with subjects ranging from portraits to undersea creatures and collages, we invite the community to take a look and enjoy the talents of the diverse artists from ArTs at Bost.

ArTs at Bost then attended the Greenwood Fall Fest on Saturday, November 4th, in Greenwood. Eight artists, staff, and volunteers ran the ArTs at Bost booth. When not working in the booth, artists had fun at the rest of the festival – there were live demonstrations from blacksmiths, leather workers, potters, and woodworkers this year as well as food trucks and many artisans selling handmade goods.

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