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In response to the pandemic, ArTs at Bost got to try something new – Zoom art classes!  For 12 weeks from spring going into summer, ArTs at Bost, held two Zoom classes per week for any and all students who wished to participate.  Each class, taught by our Artist in Residence, Cathy Mason, had art, self-expression, and educational components.  After each class, students were encouraged to take a picture of their art and e-mail it to ArTs at Bost to be entered into a contest.  There was a winner declared after each Zoom art class, and the winner was announced at the next Zoom class.  Contest entries were judged by Cathy Mason, Tyera Knotts, and Laura Lewis.  All the entries were so good, it was so difficult to pick just one winner for every class!  Each winner was awarded a $5.00 gift card to a restaurant.  Individuals participated from multiple locations – from Fort Smith to as far away as Russellville.

It was amazing to see how each artist interpreted the instructions they were given.  Those of us lucky enough to watch this process were in awe of all the students’ choices in self-expression with their art pieces.  It was amazing to observe both the similarities and the differences in their works.  We hope that you enjoy their pieces as much as we have.

This is just a small sample of the Zoom art projects/objectives that were covered during these inaugural Zoom art classes with ArTs at Bost:

  • Understanding importance of depth in a work of art will be created by the use of watercolors, pastels and how it helps the eye to see the entire work but remain on the focal points.
  • Students will explore the use of rhythm within the artwork – this is not about music.
  • Working on the harmony concept in art students will create a work of art that not only harmonies the subject but the color as well.
  • Graduation – learning how the size and shape of objects unified together but still the same.
  • Working with a variety concept, a work of art will be created to show a variety of colors and subject but have a common theme.
  • Balance will be the topic of discussion and how balance plays a role in the creation of the art. Balance is felt more than visual.
  • Getting ready for school/work – students will create works of art to self-expression the need for students returning to classroom.  What items they would need and the emotional concerns they might experience after this pandemic.  Who is your “hero?”  This can be a public figure, a direct care staff, medical professionals, sports figures, etc.
  • Focal points, emphasis and dominance in a work and how visually this affects the viewing of the art.


ArTs at Bost classes are taught by a professional artist who incorporates education regarding mathematics, language, spatial placement and recognition, and fine motor dexterity.  These education components enhance not only self-confidence, but also workplace skills, again adding to the overall health and well-being of the individual.  Zoom art classes added other dimensions to our education.  There was a learning curve for teachers, students, direct care staff, and administration in learning to use a new application effectively in order to teach, learn, communicate and connect.


ZOOM ART CLASSES AND ZOOM ACTS (ACTING) CLASSES RESUME IN OCTOBER 2020!  THERE WILL BE CONTESTS AND PRIZES ONCE AGAIN!  Please watch your text, e-mail and the Bost Facebook page for information on the start date and Zoom log-in information!

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