Ashley, Striving for Independence
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This is Ashley Williams. Ashley has attended Bost ADC Dardanelle since April of 2011. Ashley is a part of the new Janitorial Team which recently started at the Dardanelle ADC. When she was asked what her favorite thing about Bost is, Ashley said, she loves her new job working with the cleaning crew.  She said she really enjoys coming to work and seeing her friends. When Ashley was asked, what are some of the things you enjoy doing in your spare time, she stated she enjoys knitting, writing poetry, visiting with her friends and family. Ashley has made such great strides at Bost. She has learned and grown as a person. Since being at Bost, Ashley started making wiser choices for herself, learned the importance of better work habits and gained the self-confidence she needed to become more independent. Recently after a long tedious process, Ashley became her own guardian. We are extremely excited and proud for Ashley on her new independence and job.


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