Audrey Paden, Becca’s Biggest Supporter
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If you want to know why Audrey does what she does, all you have to do is look at the way Becca looks at her grandma Audrey. Simply put, Audrey is Becca’s world. From the time she was a very little girl, Audrey has been by Becca’s side. She is her biggest supporter, her strongest advocate, and her most compassionate caregiver. Audrey is the matriarch, the one who does it all. And Becca knows this. Becca cannot verbally express what her grandma means to her, but if she could, it would probably go something like this: “My grandma is my best friend, my confidant, my cohort, and my support. She is my world and I wouldn’t be who I am today without her love and support. When no one else is there, she always is. She is my rock.” Audrey has worked for Bost for 7 years, but she has cared for Becca her entire life. We are featuring and honoring Audrey for her work with Becca because she exemplifies what is best about Bost and our employees. She exudes love. Her care for Becca is not a job. It is an act of love, a vocation, an honor. It is undoubtedly not without it struggles, but when we think of what Bost should be, what our employees should strive to act like, we think about Audrey.

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