Avrielle Callahan, Mom’s Hero!
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Avrielle Callahan began at Bost in September 2018, when her mother, Michelle, was going back to school.  Due to the care Avrielle requires, there were not a lot of options for her.  Avrielle was born needing many surgeries, so far seven in her short life, requiring ostomy bags and many food restrictions.  Many daycares are not set up to care for someone with intense needs; but Bost is!  We were more than happy to have Avrielle join us.


Since being at Bost Avrielle has found that she loves school, her teachers, and learning.  Her mother, Michelle, said Avrielle speaks more clearly, runs everywhere she can, is more determined to do things herself, is more social, and has so much more self-esteem!  At four years old, nearly five, Michelle feels her daughter has caught up with her peers.  They both look forward to Avrielle beginning kindergarten and when they are driving around Avrielle keeps asking which school she will be able to go to.


From Michelle’s perspective, Avrielle is so determined, bright, and sassy, she will accomplish anything she sets her mind to in the future!  She’s already accomplished more than anyone Michelle knows and any time Avrielle starts to feel different her parents remind her she isn’t, she’s just Avrielle.

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