Beth Hearron, DSP with an Open, Caring Heart
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Beth Hearron is the ADC/Work Development Program DSP nominee. Beth started on July 23, 2012 as ADC/Work Development Instructor/Van driver. She was instructor for 10 consumers on the work floor and drove them home. She now works as ADC/Work Development Reserve Instructor which fills in all over the floor when another instructor is out. She participates in several of the special events by dressing up as an leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day, A Bee or Raggedy Ann at Halloween, or an elf at Christmas time. Beth is willing to help wherever she can, whether it is by being a good listener for a consumer, heating up their lunches, or showing a consumer how to do the job in front of them. Beth puts the needs of our consumers first.


When asked how she heard about Bost, she said from a friend who worked in waiver. The friend made it sound like something she would like to try so she applied for Bost and the rest is history. Beth said what makes it great for her is to see the consumers smile. She may make faces, tell jokes, because of her love to see them smile. While they make her feel important, it is more important to her for them to feel important. She knows she is missed when she is absent, because all of the consumer ask her how she is doing.

Beth is a great asset to our consumers, because she cares with an open heart. Thanks Beth for the great job you do.

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