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Tinplate Sales of New Jersey contacted Work Development Manager Reba Denton with an employment opportunity for those served in our Work Development Program.  Tin roof circles are shipped to Bost in large barrels that must be dumped and repackaged in boxes of fifty pounds.  When Tinplate Sales handled this job internally, they dumped the barrels of tin roof circles on the floor and picked them up by hand, placing them into boxes.  To allow those we serve to do the job to the best of their abilities, modifications were needed.  A barrel mover was purchased for the forklift to safely move and dump the circles.  A raised platform was built to hold the circles once they were dumped, and scoops are used to package the product.  They must then be weighed to ensure each box is fifty pounds before being palletized.


Reba said, “It has been interesting to determine the best way to execute this project.”  There were new skills for those served by Bost to learn, such as accurately reading a scale and counting the specific number of boxes that must go on each pallet. This job also allows the worker to be more mobile and active, which is great for a lot of those we serve!  It’s been challenging for staff, warehouse, and those served but it is going smoothly now!  We are hoping that with increased speed will come increased volume.


Along with the new project for Tinplate Sales, the Bost Work Development program currently works with Klein Tool, Umarex, ICF Concrete, Craig Box, Simple Loose Leaf Tea, and Meek Manufacturing, just to name a few. We have the capacity and skill to do more. If you have a sub-assembly job you need completed by skilled staff at a great rate, please reach out to Reba Denton at!

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