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Bost’s Property Management Department employs 8 full time staff.  They are tasked with maintaining and repairing buildings and vehicles in the Bost community.  With over 20 properties spread throughout Arkansas and 55 vehicles to service, our Property Management employees stay busy! Over the last year, Property Management has completed 3,189 work orders for our facilities.

In addition to responding to work orders, Property Management takes on bigger projects to better our Bost community as well, such as the recently completed Van Buren Waiver Facility remodel. New paint throughout the building, newly installed wall protection, and increased accessibility in the kitchen area and all bathrooms better serves the residents in that home. The Willow Creek Home also underwent a remodel with new paint and flooring in their facility. Property Management recently upgraded the fire alarm system at the Lifebridge apartments and installed updated fire alarms in all buildings. Our 74th Street Child Development Center now has updated plumbing and Property Management also helped set up the sensory room to help better serve the children’s needs at the center.

As well as caring for the interior needs of our buildings, Property Management cares for the exterior needs. 74th St. recently had new sod installed at the playground to help with mud and erosion. Fort Smith Group Home features newly built landscape beds and sod planted as well to help with barren spots. Bost’s Dardanelle facility had new lights installed around the building for better security and the sidewalk extended for increased safety.

Jonathan Cox, Property Management Director, said, “I feel like the PM department provides a valuable service for Bost. We have over 20 facilities stretched out around Arkansas. The regional facilities can be tricky, and we often rely on help from the program staff. Most of the guys seem to like what they do. They like interacting with our consumers and getting to help make their life a little better.”

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