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In Fort Smith, Arkansas, an extraordinary individual named Calvin Reed has been quietly helping the homeless and disenfranchised in the community for many years. Despite facing his own obstacles, Calvin has shown resilience and dedication by devoting his time to volunteer work that benefits others.

Calvin’s journey as a community volunteer began when he had difficulty maintaining employment. He decided to volunteer to fill his time while giving back to his community. He joined forces with Lowe’s to build beds for kids without, HOPE Campus to provide meals for the homeless, and he also mentors at Jesse’s House. His work not only serves our community but allowed Calvin to deal with some things in his past that he wanted to make right.

Calvin volunteers multiple times a week, lending a hand whenever, and wherever, needed. When asked about his motivation, Calvin simply shares that he wants to help others in situations like he experienced. In a world where acts of kindness and selflessness often go unnoticed, Calvin shines as an example of the impact one person can have. Thank you, Calvin!

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