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Thank you so much! It feels like such a honor to be featured!

I first got involved with Bost a few years back. I followed a client over from Friendship and fell in love with the company. I moved to Conway for a few years and when I moved back to Russellville it was the first place I applied to work again! I’ve been here a little over a year now and have no want or desire to be anywhere else!

The best thing to happen to me since working here is a sense of pride and love for my job! My client is absolutely wonderful, his family is loving and understanding, and I truly feel apart of the Bost family!

I hope and pray that if the world would just open it’s eyes, love each other,  and step outside of our comfort zones (everything you need to embrace for this job) you will see how wonderfully beautiful this job is and all the new things you can and will learn!

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