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Cheryl moved from an ICF group home to Waiver with Bost Inc. in May of 2017.

Cheryl came to us very unhappy with the lack of assistance she was receiving to become more independent. Since receiving Waiver, Cheryl has been exercising and going to Water mobility classes and has lost over 35 pounds!

Cheryl shared with her Case Manager that she had never been on a trip for her birthday before. Cheryl asked for her team to assist her to make this finally happen, as she was about to turn 68 years old. With the assistance of her Rep Payee, Case Manager, numerous staff, and hard work at Open Avenues, Cheryl was able to save up her money for a 3-day birthday trip to Branson.

Cheryl purchased luggage. Cheryl picked out two shows to see with great seats. Cheryl chose a nice hotel to stay in. Cheryl even saved enough money to eat at nice restaurants and buy herself gifts.

Cheryl continues to talk and share about this trip to anyone that will listen and thank those that assisted her in making this dream become a reality.

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