Christopher Williams, DSP with a SMILE!
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Christopher loves doing what he does because of the connections he forms with the people we serve; it makes him feel like he is doing more than a job. He works in our field because here he feels, he is actually making a difference for someone, and he loves the fact that he doing something help them in their everyday life.


Christopher worked for an autism clinic before coming to Bost in January and here he feels he is making an impact.


I want to Feature Christopher because he is an amazing staff. Before I was a manager, working with him side by side in the field, I could see that he was an amazing guy. Now that I actually supervise him I see that he is truly a unique individual with the most caring heart and wiliness to help his consumer in any way possible. I think Christopher is a great choice for DSP. Christopher always answers when I call even if the poor guy is sleeping, he is always their when needed and he is always there with a smile on his face for his consumer. Christopher is Bost.

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