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Dre Clark moved with his family to Helena/West Helena from Grand Rapids, MI when he was 4 years old to be closer to extended family there.  Dre was active in his community growing up, playing sports and volunteering at the Cherry Street Fair each year.  He enjoyed growing up with lots of cousins, many of whom are twins like Dre and his brother.


After Dre and his twin brother graduated from Central High School in 2013, thing got more difficult for Dre.  When his grandmother passed away and his mother moved back to Michigan, Dre got into a bit of trouble and ended up homeless.  He tried to stay strong, especially when difficulties arise, because his mother told him, “Don’t cry, just remember all the good memories.”


Dre moved to the Booneville Human Development Center in 2017.  It wasn’t an easy move for him, as he didn’t know anyone, but he quickly made friends.  In 2020, Dre moved into the Bost Lifebridge Facility at Chaffee.  He enjoys living there and, no surprise to those that know how outgoing he is, has a lot of friends!  He enjoys grilling, hanging with friends at the gazebo, playing sports and video games.  When asked how he feels about living in his own apartment at Lifebridge, he said “It’s been awesome!”  He’s also enjoyed getting back into church.  He feels it helps him to focus on the good in life and stay centered.


When he isn’t busy with friends, Dre likes to go bowling, listen to music, play video games, and take time for family.  Though one of these days, he’d like to get a job in a restaurant.  His main goal in life is to continue to grow and make better decisions.


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