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Heather Pendleton was not planning on being at Bost for long when she began nearly three years ago.  She went to the University of Arkansas and received her degree in Organizational Management, only applying to Bost as something to hold her over until she got a “real” job.  Since she began, Heather has become a key component of the Willow Creek overnight team. She keeps the facility clean, checks on residents throughout the night, handles any overnight needs, and makes sure everyone gets up for a good breakfast before they head out to their respective day programs and jobs. Heather was recently given the opportunity to spend more time with the ladies of Willow Creek.  She said, “We’ve been taking them out to places they choose, like Applebee’s. On a normal shift, I usually only spend about two hours with them in the morning because they’re sleep when I get there.”

Heather grew up with a cousin that had cerebral palsy and has been a substitute in self-contained classes in public school many times.  She’s always been around individuals with special needs kids, so she wasn’t surprised when she began at Bost.  She said, “I just kind of wish I’d known about the job before, and I would have just been working there all along!”  Heather’s coworkers describe her as a truly a sweet person who always shows up for work and is willing to contribute additional hours, if needed.

When Heather isn’t working, she enjoys hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and spending time with her family.

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