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Bost Morning News was the vision of Cindy Hardgrave, Dardanelle Adult Development Site Manager. Her granddaughter came home from school excited about seeing her friends on their school news and she realized the individuals served in her program might really enjoy something similar. She began the project in March of 2022 with a single laptop, television, and the desire to see those individuals she serves grow and learn.

Though the Morning News was created in Dardanelle, it has been wonderful including those in the Fort Smith Adult Development program as well. All who want to participate have their names placed in a lottery and the winner is the “anchor” for Bost Morning News! Cindy acts as director helping the on-air talent gather their stories and rehearse. They feature the daily menus, weather, activities they are anticipating, their favorite song, and a joke of the day. As everyone gets more comfortable with the process, the intent is to keep growing the content through morning game shows, special guests, and virtual tours.

This innovative, confidence-boosting program wouldn’t be possible without Smart TVs in the classrooms. The TVs have enriched learning and socialization opportunities, made differentiated learning easier, and the touchscreen option allows teachers and students to run programs with the tap of their finger. The interactivity will assist with job training as well, allowing access to tutorials and mandatory trainings. The best part, though, may be that the morning news brought those we serve in both locations together and allowed them to get to know one another better without having to travel!

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