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Saving money and investing are closely related. You can start saving money to have something for investment. You need to develop good habits by putting away your money every payday.  There are small steps you can take to start saving. Review your expenses and prioritize them.  You can minimize or pass the unnecessary expenses and move them to your savings. Look around in your house. You may have some things you do not use nor need. Try to sell them and put money on the side for your investment.

If you have little amount of money to spare, you can start investing. Your money will grow little by little. Investing comes in different forms.  It can start anytime you are ready.  You can take small steps and let your money grow.

There is risk involved in investing. There are different levels of risk and return on investment. You may like the high-risk investments with high returns. However, you could lose everything you invested.

Simple Ways to start investing.

  1. Put money in the cookie Jar, envelope, shoebox, savings account or any safe place and do not spend it. You will be surprised how much money you can save in a year. You can open a savings account and put some money every payday. Once you accumulated the money, you can open a Certificate of Deposit and other safe investments.


  1. Enroll in your employer’s retirement plan.

It is easy to enroll in your 401(K) or other employer retirement plan. You can start in a small amount, 1%.  Your employer will match it and is a free money. The money will go directly from your paycheck to the 401(K) account and you will not notice it.


  1. Try with Treasury securities.

These securities will not make you rich but the safe one to start. Treasury securities also known as savings bonds are easy to buy.


  1. Put some money in low-initial investment mutual funds.

Mutual funds are investment securities that allow you to invest in a portfolio of stocks and bonds with a single transaction. These are perfect for beginners. Look for online brokers who can help you get these.


  1. Use robo-advisors, invest brokers or investment Apps

If you do not want to manage your investment, use the services available. They make investing simple and accessible. They do not require prior investment experience. They are easy to set up. Let them track your investment and some fees are low.


Happy investing and good luck!

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