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Joshua Nodurfth, Bost’s Information Technology Director, grew up in a home with a “technology enthusiast” father. This allowed Josh access to computers from a young age.  This not only led to an understanding of the benefits of technology, but that the greatest benefit when technology is appropriately applied. Josh focused on IT throughout his education and continues to evolve with innovative technology, striving to make it accessible and useful at Bost.

When Josh began at Bost in 2020, he saw ways his experiences could help advance Bost’s use of Information Technology. “Technology by itself is useless. It requires people to use it, understand it, and improve it.” Josh and his team, including Rebecca Kersen, work to advance the technology used by Bost to enhance communication, productivity, and capabilities. He is particularly proud of   improving the culture of communication and collaboration through technology such as Microsoft Teams Using the Microsoft Teams platform, Bost employees have easier access to quickly set up meetings, hold trainings, and work together without the need for traveling between offices. This has also greatly reduced the old “email, read, reply, wait” cycle that can be time consuming and inefficient. Josh’s team also custom builds solutions to fill in the gaps in current systems, such as an applicant tracking system for Human Resources.

Looking to the future, Josh and his team will continue to use IT solutions to enhance our lives and save time through more automated processes. Josh believes that simplifying processes or reducing the “extra clicks” will allow more time for interaction between Bost employees and those served by Bost. Those we serve have seen the benefit of these changes through upgraded workstations and more access to modern technology like smart boards in the classrooms.

Josh enjoys what he does immensely and loves that at Bost, he can see positive outcomes of the tech he has been able to employ. Bost is lucky to have Josh and Becky working to advance Bost forward and make all our lives easier!

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