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Josh McGuire has been playing tennis for fun with his family since he was in middle school.  Inspirated by the Williams sisters, Josh has continued to play off and on since then, building on his natural ability.  His hard work, practice and skill drew the attention of Ebony Brown at a sports camp in Siloam Springs.  She let him know that Arkansas was building a tennis team to participate in the Special Olympics USA Games in 2022.


Josh now practices three times a week with Brian Pillar, tennis professional, at Creekmore Park and with Leslie Cramer on Saturdays in preparation for his competition in Orlando in June.  He enjoys tennis and the training he is getting now.  He and his parents, Jeff & Stephanie, appreciate that Brian and Leslie took Josh under their wings and allowed him to practice with them at the park, even before they knew he was heading for the “Big Games!”


Josh will continue to train leading up to the games and build the intensity of his training.  He said he “hopes to enjoy the comraderies and build friendships.  That’s the most important thing.  First place might come later.” Josh and his parents realize that he is very competitive and enjoys winning so they have all been focusing on the bigger picture beyond the game itself.  When he doesn’t win, he learns what he needs to work on in the future and tries to use that as a catalyst for betterment of his game.


The Special Olympic USA Games will be held in Orlando, Florida from June 5-12.  With seventy-six courts at the complex, it is an extremely big deal that Josh will have a large cheering section as fourteen of his family members will be there to cheer him on!  Josh’s Bost family can’t wait to see how it goes either.  Keep an eye out for an update after he competes!

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