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Josh Stewart has been an integral part of the Bost team in our Booneville Waiver office for around 6 years.  He was referred to Bost through a friend for a part time, weekend position.  Though Josh was the first in his family to graduate from high school, and at the encouragement of his mother and grandmother, he also went on to receive degrees in Business and Computer Information Systems, but never planned for either of those to be his career.  He has always had a heart for the type of work done at Bost, as he was previously with a similar organization, so he was a great fit and eventually chose to come to Bost full time!  His choice to leave his past position of 18 years seemed to be an easy one, as he describes Bost as a blessing.


Josh said he found his career, and home, at Bost.  He’s never had a job where he was treated as a member of a family rather than a cog in a larger machine.  Josh describes his supervisors, Kim Tucker and Felicia McLeod, as “excellent, caring and understanding.”  He feels they treat those they supervise as family, stating, “Bost CARES about their employees.”  Despite the additional stresses added by COVID, Josh looks at this job as a blessing that has given him and his wife a career and a home.


When asked about Josh Kim Tucker said, “Josh is always there no matter what no matter who we need him for. Anytime we call him his response is ‘I got your back.’ He has worked with some of our more pervasive individuals and done an amazing job with them. We have seen a huge turn around in the individuals served and his actions.  Josh treats the individual he serves with dignity and respect and is always doing what is in the best interest of the people he works with. He never acts put out.”


Thank you for your commitment and hard work, Josh!


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