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Katie Marshall began at Bost in April of 2021.  She came to us from Arvest Bank, where she worked as a teller.  Bost is completely different from anything Katie has done before, and she likes it a lot!


When Katie was looking to change jobs, the billing clerk position posted by Bost on Indeed caught her attention.  Her research on Bost through our website and social media brought her to the realization that she wanted to be a part of the work we are doing here!  Katie feels from her experience that what we show online is an accurate representation of how we operate and who we serve.


Katie’s first impression of Bost when she began was that it is a good atmosphere with welcoming coworkers!  It is a good place to work.  She especially loves that her hours allow her to be off at 3pm so she can spend more time with her family in the evenings.  Katie wishes others not familiar with Bost knew exactly what we do for individuals with disabilities as she doesn’t feel she does justice with her explanation.  It is difficult to breakdown the hugeness of what is done here in an explainable way.


When Katie isn’t working, she enjoys her farm life with cows, horses, and dogs.  She and her family enjoy outdoors and swimming, fishing, and camping.


Katie’s supervisor, Ashley Hilburn, said Katie is “very dedicated and hardworking. She never hesitates to jump in where I need her to, or to expand her knowledge with billing. I am very glad to have her on our billing team!”

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