Liz Price, DSP with a HUGE Heart
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Liz does this work because she loves people and has a passion for getting the opportunity to help anywhere she can. She feels like our consumers are some of the best people that she could send her time with.

Liz has a background in the military. Her training with the military includes surgical tech, and a medic. She worked with Alzheimer’s patients before coming to work for Bost.  She has been working for Bost for the past 2 years.

Liz began her journey with Bost when a current staff and friend kept telling her she would be good at this kind of work and encouraged her to apply and get started.

Liz has a huge heart for service and has brought so much joy from her time with us at Bost. She has a way with all those she works with and has been able to touch so many lives with the different consumers that she fills in with. Liz may be quite and soft spoken but she makes a big impact in the lives of our consumers daily.

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