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Barbara Torrey, Program Service Instructor, has been working at the Willow Creek ICF facility for approximately 2 years. This is somewhat misleading since her total time working for Bost is closer to 14 years. Barbara is planning on retiring within the next couple of months and will be greatly missed. I asked Barbara why she applied with Bost and why she has stayed at Bost. She stated, “I applied with Bost because I thought it would be a great job to work with the consumers. The consumers, and Individuals like Lesa Fuller Clinical Director, Charolotte Little and Danny Harper QIDP/Supervisor are also the reasons I have stayed at Bost.” Can you tell me about some of the people you’ve met while working with us? “I have met some very interesting people especially the consumers that I serve. I feel these individuals make me a better person, and at Bost I also worked with some people that are very caring, and I have made lifetime friends.” What is the hardest part about being a Program Service Instructor? “For me, it’s trying to do all the training and requirements.” What would you tell someone who is thinking about working in this field? “You will need patience, understanding and remember, “You will have to wear many different hats in this type of work.”


I would like to thank Barbara and all the direct care staff for all they do for our consumers.

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