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I would like to introduce you to Cindy Hardgrave. She is the manager of the ADC in Dardanelle. She has been in this position for 10 years. Cindy demonstrates daily her love and commitment for the people we serve and the staff who work with her. Cindy is committed to the #WeareBost, #IamBost motto. She goes the extra mile to get the Bost name recognized. One of the things she did before COVID, was to build a float for the annual Russellville and Dardanelle Christmas Parades. While everyone was enjoying their Thanksgiving, Cindy and her team, which consist of friends, family and co-workers were working diligently to get the float ready. Under her direction the ADC in Dardanelle has placed at or near the top every year in both parades. The floats she creates are some of the most beautiful, well thought out and creative things imaginable. When you ask her why she works so hard, she will tell you it is for the people we serve. She loves to see their faces when they are riding on the float and especially when we happen to see the First Place Banner headed our way. Their excitement is what Cindy lives for and works so hard to achieve. Along with floats, she does some amazing work with videos. Cindy and her team teach the consumers cool dances and then with the help of her son Martin, they turn them into YouTube videos. The real reward is being with the consumers when they see the results of all of their hard work. She never stops looking for ways to make her consumers shine. Cindy’s enthusiasm and drive are infectious. She pulls you in and you find yourself wanting to help her make all of these things happen. No matter what the assignment is, if Cindy thinks it will benefit Bost or the people we serve, I know without a doubt she will be there to do her part and it will always be done to the best of her ability. As her supervisor, I feel very fortunate to have Cindy Hardgrave on my team.

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