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Cristy Keele has been an integral part of Bost since she joined the team five years ago.  She quietly and diligently takes care of many things behind the scenes, always with a smile on her face.  Cristy is a joy to work with!  Read a little more about her, in her own words, below.
Why did you decide to work in the Disabilities field?
I entered college with absolutely zero idea of my career path. When I ventured down the Rehabilitation Science path and started doing internships for a local provider in my hometown I fell in love. The passion to help others live a better life was born. I have a sister that is hearing impaired, so my heart has always been ready to help. Watching her overcome adversity has been one of my biggest joys. 
Why did you choose to work at BOST?
The mission of Bost fits my desire to help others. Bost’s top leadership is truly concerned at taking care of employees and therefore makes our job of taking care of the daily tasks so much more enjoyable. We all work together with the same end goal in mind. 
What do you love best about your job?
​I love working with a group of individuals that truly become family.  Together we make a difference in someone’s life daily. 
How do you stay busy when you’re not taking care of your duties at BOST?
I am busy raising two very active boys ages 12 and 10. We recently adopted two puppies from a local shelter, so our life is a bit crazy for the next….. few years.  🤣 We thrive in chaos.  

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