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Donald Fiser came to Bost with 25 years of experience in education with public schools in teaching and coaching at Lavaca, Cedarville, and then Darby.  He then retired and worked as an inspector on a pipeline for several years, but that position came to an end.  Donald was semi-retired, but still wanted something to do with his time and a way to give back.  On his way to play golf one day, he saw a “Now Hiring” sign that led him to Bost.  He knew a little bit about Bost and thought that was something he would enjoy doing and perhaps could make a difference in someone’s life.  He was hired in the Fort Smith Adult Development program as an instructor.  Donald said, “What I do now is similar to what I did for 25 years, but also very different!”


Donald was familiar with special education through his 25 years in the public school system, but never dealt with it full time.  He has appreciated learning how those we serve have the same needs, wants, ideas, and desires as anyone else.  He’s discovered those he serves want a sense of accomplishment; they just need a chance to do some things on their terms. As I have heard from many like Donald, he said “I don’t know who is actually teaching who. It starts as a job and becomes more than that.  It becomes a calling.  You have to enjoy it, or you won’t last very long. This isn’t for everyone.”


Donald has enjoyed every moment spent at Bost.  He enjoys the people he works with and for, citing Rhonda Jones as a fantastic boss.  His favorite thing though is the smiles on the faces of those we serve when time is shared with them.


Donald and his wife have a son, daughter and two grandchildren.  His wife is an occupational therapist for Mercy Hospital, which often comes in handy for Donald.  She often acts as a sounding board and source of ideas to help him better serve Bost.  With her knowledge and career history, she brings up things that Donald hasn’t thought of before.  Donald also uses experiences with his family as a way to find common ground to help his students better learn.  “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”  That has never been truer that with the group he is currently teaching.


Donald hopes those he teaches will get out in the community and show everyone how there is no difference in the humanity of one with or without disabilities.  We are all “just people” just want to be treated as human beings.



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