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Donna McDonald worked for the Harrison school system for eleven years.  When she was considering a change of career, her best friend, who worked for Bost, recommended that she apply.  She’d never heard of Bost.  She went to the Harrison office to talk to them, and promptly left her job at the school to work for Bost.


Donna’s first impression of Bost was a welcoming one.  She said, “Everyone was very friendly, and I have been treated fine.”  She mentioned that her supervisors go above and beyond for her and shared that when she got COVID they checked on her regularly through calls and texts to make sure she was doing well and didn’t need anything.  “It is a great team in Harrison and one of the best places I’ve ever worked!”


Donna has worked with Sam for two years as his overnight staff.  She arrives at 4:30, about an hour after Sam gets home from work at Boone County Special Services.  Together, they cook dinner, watch tv, and talk about their days before Sam gets started on his chore chart.  She double checks that everything is done and assists him with anything he needs.  Donna checks on Sam throughout the night while he’s sleeping, until he rises at 5:30.   She makes sure he is ready to catch the bus to work before she leaves at 6:30.


Though Donna has only been at Bost for two and a half years, she has made quite an impact!  Her supervisor, Trista Raines, shared, “Donna McDonald is trained and has worked in over half of our homes in the Harrison area! She is easy to get along with and is willing to help in any situation. She has also filled in in Northwest Arkansas. She assisted Sam with making a chore chart best suited for his needs, and he has had positive results. She is liked and respected by all consumers and other staff.”


In Donna’s time off she enjoys her Pekinese dog, playing bingo with friends and spending time with her family that includes 3 daughters, 5 grandkids, and one-grandchild.


Donna is a true asset to Bost and the individuals we serve.  Thank you, Donna, for your service!


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