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Lucas Williams has lived at the Brazil Home for about 10 years.  When he says, “All these guys are really nice,” Lucas is talking about his Bost family – the other residents and staff at the all-men Intermediate Care Facility.  Lucas speaks with a sweet Southern drawl and a smile you can see in his eyes as he talks about the things he enjoys in his life, like being able to visit with his sister again and his return to work.  Though being home for so long during COVID was stressful, Lucas kept a positive attitude and focused on things he COULD do like improving his skills on the PS4, rewatching some of his favorite movies, or working on his dance moves.  Now that he is back at work, he is learning some new jobs at the Skills Training Center through a few new contracts with Klein Tool.  Lucas enjoys unpacking the bags that have been sewn, turning them right-side out and making sure the seams are complete.  As we move toward more things opening, Lucas is especially excited about going on trips again!  Lucas eyes brightened tremendously when he talked about past cruises, trips to the beach and Dollywood.  Dollywood holds a special place in his heart, as he is a big Dolly Parton fan because “she’s all about the folks,” and he was able to get up with the workers there to share some of his awesome dance moves.  When asked how Lucas liked living at the Brazil Home, he said “The staff is really awesome. Things have their quirks, but what family doesn’t?  In reality, you just have to accept the things around you.  You shouldn’t judge the book by its cover even if the person is different from others.”


Danny Harper, Bost Facility Supervisor/Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP), had this to say about Lucas: “Lucas is a very outgoing individual that loves to draw, listen to music and dance. Lucas can tell you the names of songs that most people cannot remember and often can tell the Billboard chart rankings of the songs. He has a very sensitive personality and is a pleasure to be around. He often draws a character chipmunk that he created. He gives this drawing to people that he really likes and cares about.”


Donnie Caves began at Bost as a Program Service Instructor in the Clinical Services department 11 years ago.  He was promoted to Lead Program Service Instructor (PSI) a year and a half ago.  When you speak with Donnie about what he does and how it affects him, it’s obvious this is more than a job to him. “These guys are my brothers!”  As lead PSI, Donnie said his first priority is how the residents are cared for and helping with scheduling staff at the home allows him to ensure the care is top notch, which he enjoys.


When Donnie first came to interview at the Brazil home, the residents flocked his truck and Jannia Green (Clinical Services Nurse) was amazed!  She said, “Buddy, you’re hired!”  She could tell that he hit it off with the residents and he has been a great fit.  While Donnie has been at Bost for 11 years total, he did leave for a couple of years to work at the Co-Op in Van Buren.  He lives near the Brazil home and the guys there knew what time he’d get off work.  They would be standing at the corner waiting to wave at him on his way home.  It would make him cry because he missed them.  He knew he had to come back!  He has no plans to leave Bost.  “I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have this place. You can’t go wrong working here.  It doesn’t feel like a job because these guys are a joy.”


The most surprising thing about working at Bost is how it can humble you.  “I don’t care what kind of problem you’ve got, you come in here and see these guys and the things they have going on and how well they handle it and what I have it’s nothing compared to what they might be going through.”  Donnie firmly believes more people should know Bost is not a job, it’s family.  His favorite times are when he is laughing with the guys and having fun.  Lots of them just crack him up.  “You don’t know until you’re here.  If you see these guys and think they have a problem, YOU are the one with the problem. I would fight tooth and nail for them. This is what the good Lord has chosen for me.”


Donnie’s wife Charlotte also works for Bost at Willow Creek, and he has 2 adult sons.  In his free time, he said he is mostly a homebody and to relax he’ll select one of the 8 guitars or bass guitars he has and play and sing.


Danny Harper, Bost Facility Supervisor/Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP), said, “I’m currently Donnie’s supervisor and I’ve worked with him in the past as direct care.  Donnie’s current position, Lead PSI at Brazil, is a newer position and he is doing a great job!  Donnie is very caring and always puts the clients he serves above most everything else. He will do anything that is asked of him, he never misses work and does not call in for any reason. He is a dedicated employee and is genuinely a very nice man.”


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