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Cordellia Strickland was nominated for Employee of the Year by her supervisor, Melody Ashworth.  Cordellia’s attributes like “heart of gold” and kind, thoughtful, and considerate of others come across in her daily interactions with the people she serves and her coworkers.  She is also described as one of the hardest workers we have ever had.  Over her 10+ years of service, she has attained a thorough knowledge and skill set of each of the shifts at the home.  She can always be relied upon to be prompt, efficient, ethical, and passionate about seeing to the needs of those we serve.  She continues to be a favorite among clients, families, and coworkers.


Cordellia’s reaction to her Employee of the Year win was: “I am honored to receive such an important reward. I am grateful for the recognition for the work I do. I am sure there are others that were just as deserving. Winning this award was possible because of support and inspiration from my coworkers and supervisors. Thank you!” #iambost #wearebost

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