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Megan Coffman was nominated for Employee of the Year by Rhonda Jones, Director of Adult Development Services. Megan began working at the Adult Development Program in Dardanelle as a Service Coordinator in August 2013, after completing an internship and her degree.  Megan is willing to do whatever is asked of her, assisting with Special Olympics and the Christmas Float, pitching in to help with cooking, cleaning, breaks, overseeing the facility in the manager’s absence and any other task necessary to make sure the consumers have their best day possible.  She is a huge asset to the program, and she represents the #IAMBOST #WEAREBOST mindset.


When Megan was presented with her Employee of the Year award, she said, “I am honored to have been recognized for employee of the year! I appreciate the kind words that were spoke about me. I look forward to coming to work every day and interacting with the individuals I serve. I try to make their day as great as they make mine. I am grateful that I have an awesome job and hope to have many more years of employment at Bost.”  #iambost #wearebost

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