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Tammy Predmore was nominated for Employee of the Year by her supervisor, James Maginot.   Tammy’s drive pushes her to work tirelessly to make sure than things get done right and to be better each time.  The example Tammy sets for her team is second to none, understanding the balance of motivating and supporting those that work for her.  Tammy wears multiple hats and does it all with grace and humility.  She is a leader in her program and in her specialty and exemplifies everything that we as an agency should strive to be.


When asked how she felt about being named Employee of the Year, Tammy replied “I am incredibly honored to receive the administrative employee of the year award.  I am humbled by this recognition; however, I do recognize that I am just a small part of an amazing team!  I am so proud to work for an amazing organization, that recognizes employees, who strive to make a difference in others’ lives on a daily basis.”  #iambost #wearebost

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