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Kenneth Garvin, or KJ to those that know him, is a very active man.  He keeps busy in his community, volunteering in the local soup kitchen, shopping, working out, and taking in the scenery with friends.  KJ recently retired from the work center at Boone County Special Services, so he has even more time to pursue the things he loves!


KJ has enjoyed being a part of the Bost family since 2018.  When I spoke with him, he was very much looking forward to seeing everyone at the Fall Festival so they could enjoy pumpkin carving, a costume contest, music, and dancing! He is always ready to attend any event Bost hosts.  Regional Waiver Director, Jennifer Hinkle, said, “He’s a social butterfly!” Ladonna Chisum is familiar with KJ from her time working in the Harrison office.  She said, “KJ is a wonderful person who enjoys spending time out in the community with his girlfriend and many friends. He adopted a dog named Rascal, and he takes great pride in taking responsibility and caring for his pet by bathing, feeding, and taking walks with him often.”  KJ’s dog Rascal helps him stay active, which is especially important after KJ’s knee replacement last year.  They enjoy getting up early in the morning to take long walks, benefitting them both.


KJ was brought up in a family that values God.  His father pastored a church in Louisiana for 29 years, and he has a brother that followed in his footsteps.  KJ enjoys his church family at Bear Creek Springs Baptist Church.


Ladonna Chisum wants everyone to see how amazing KJ truly is.  She shared, “KJ has a special love, and he cares deeply for his staff because they’re his extended family. He’s pleasant, always smiling, and happy. KJ is a true joy to be around!”





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