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Question:  How long have you been with Bost?

20+ years

Question:  How did you first get involved with Bost, and what sparked that interest?

An Ex-employee talked to me about coming to work in what was Fort Smith Skills, as substitute instructor. While working here I saw a challenge of working with some many different talents.

Question:  What has surprised you most about working with Bost?

Most all of the consumers I work with and have worked with are happy and willing to learn.

Question:  What do you wish other people knew about Bost?

That Bost does not treat the consumers as sub standard workers. The word sheltered work shop does not reflect what we do at Bost. We promote the individual to work to the best of their ability, only oneself limits their ability.

Question:  What’s the best thing that has happened since you started working with Bost?

I worked with 1 consumer about putting gloves on because he needed to protect his hands while working. He was partially blind and none verbal. I was working with him for about month off and on when he heard my voice and slapped the table. When I asked him what he needed he pulled at his glove that was bad letting me know he needed a new glove. Once I gave him a new one he pulled it on and went right to work. I was hooked on helping everyone to work at their best ability.

Question:  What do you hope will be different about the world we live in as a result of what you do here?

If only one person learns they can do something people have told them they can’t do. They do it because of being here the individual learned they could try new things. This would make the world a better place.


Reba’s supervisor, Rhonda Jones, had this to say about her, “Reba Denton is a true advocate for the people we serve. She never sees someone for their disability. As the Work Development Manager, she looks to see what this person needs to be successful in their job and then she figures out how to make whatever it is they need. Reba empowers the people we serve by giving them the tools to be successful. She is a real asset to the Work Development Program and to Bost, Inc.”



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