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Rebecca Hightower is working toward more independence by participating in Project Search through the Embassy Suites in Rogers.  This program allows individuals to intern with the hotel, learn job functions in many areas, and offers employment to those that complete the program.  The structure of the program is a mix of team building activities and learning jobs skills, trying to match each intern to their strengths while challenging them at the same time.  Rebecca was recently featured on the Project Search-Embassy Suites Facebook page, “Rebecca is a 2009 graduate of Rogers High School. Rebecca is a very detail-oriented worker. She is trustworthy and can always be counted on to get the job done! Rebecca is interning in the laundry room and while she enjoys everything about what she does down there, she especially likes using the ironing machine to iron pillowcases. We appreciate what a great and thorough job she does in her role. We are proud of you, Rebecca!”


Rebecca takes pride in her growing ability to help around her home and take care of herself.  She helps with grocery shopping, keeping her space clean, and she takes steps the evenings before work to make her mornings run more smoothly, including preparing her lunch.


Rebecca is training for the upcoming Special Olympic swimming events to be held in Searcy.  Each Monday and Friday at 5:30am, Rebecca swims with the Masters Team. It is different than the previous swimming she has done, but she is determined to keep up with the.  She is learning more about the timing and drills, and works regularly with her mother, Joanne, on specific skills.  She also has recently joined her mother at Weight Watchers, which has led to better food choices and learning about portion sizes.  Rebecca has lost several clothing sizes thanks to her better choices and increased activity!


Rebecca’s mother, Joanne, is also her direct support staff.  Together, they are always working on her life skills and fostering independence.  Though Joanne has some concerns about Rebecca moving into her own place, those concerns have lessened as Rebecca becomes more independent.  Joanne likes the environment of the Bost-owned apartments in Rogers and appreciates that Rebecca would have friends there.  Joanne wants to see Rebecca continue going out, working, and being involved in her community.  As any parent would, Joanne wants her to have a full, interesting life.  She is incredibly proud of how independent Rebecca is becoming!

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