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Stephanie Butcher is a Speech Language Pathologist.  She has been with Bost for five years.

She says, “Working within the special needs preschool population here at Bost has been such a rewarding and pleasurable experience. Watching the overall progress made by these children from their initial evaluations and enrollment, until they discharge out, is such an enlightening experience. And I cannot say enough about the team of therapists that I work with daily, we mesh so well together, picking up with a child’s needs where another leaves off, not to mention the great support and encouragement we give to one another.

I am a mother of 4, ranging in age from 10-16, enough said, that is what consumes my “free” time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the craziness and chaos of coordinating schedules and running from here to there, for all of their activities. I will say that I enjoy cooking for them too and reading a good novel, classics or modern fiction, when time allows. Last but not least, I love to shop, period, for just about anything. It is my downfall and biggest weakness, other than donuts!”

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