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Throughout her 15 years at Bost, Stephanie has served in various roles.  She began her career as an RHA, then served as a waiver coordinator.  She eventually transitioned over to a Staff Development Specialist where she provided training in all departments, with a special emphasis on the waiver department.  When Bost transitioned from all in person training to utilizing Relias and online training, Stephanie accepted the challenge, became the Staff Development Administrator, and played a huge role in the set up and implementation of Relias.  Stephanie continues to oversee all Relias training for the agency as well as assisting with development of new trainings and teaching CPR and MANDT.   Stephanie has a love for Bost and teaching, and that shows through in the way she strives to make sure staff get quality training so they can provide quality supports to the individuals they work with.  We are so glad that Stephanie is a part of the Bost team!

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