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Carol & Curly Aldor relocated to Arkansas from New Orleans due to the terrifying and hazardous conditions created by Hurricane Katrina.  Despite that, they say they are very blessed to have been married for over thirty-five years, share four children, and six grandchildren.


Curly works for Bost as a direct support professional serving his wife, Carol.  In his words, “She’s the boss!”  They enjoy shopping at Walmart for clothes and household items, traveling on road trips – New Orleans, Atlanta GA, Oklahoma City, etc. to visit with family.  These days, due to COVID, they are taking shorter, local trips.  “We are doing good, thank God.  We don’t complain.”


For the Aldors, the biggest challenge during COVID has been trying to find people willing to work.  They are excited to have a good staff member now!  She works from 8am to 2pm, then Curly takes over for the evenings.  Carol likes her additional staff quite a bit, so the situation is working well.  It’s important to them to find someone to work with Carol that understands their dynamic, their life together, and their needs.  It hasn’t always been like that, and they are grateful to have who they do now.  They are going to continue to do the right things in life and when it comes their relationship with Bost!

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