Melissa Putman, Rolling with the Changes
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Melissa Putman has been part of the Bost family in multiple capacities for a number of years. When she first applied at Bost, she told us that she wanted to be a part of the successes of other families. And she has done just that! Melissa is goal oriented, driven, and attentive to details. She has single handedly carried the personal care department through countless changes over the past couple of years. She is the stalwart that makes the PC department churn. She is steadfast in her work but is never too busy to shed a smile or ask about your day. She is a progressive thinker and is always working towards finding solutions. She is extremely professional in her demeanor but knows how to keep things light. What makes Melissa special and what shows that she truly epitomizes everything Bost stands for is that she always puts our consumers, their families, and the organization first. We would not be where we are today without Melissa.

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