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I would like to introduce you to Michelle Herron, ADC Instructor/Van Driver Reserve. Michelle started to work for Bost ADC Dardanelle on January 16, 2012. Michelle, as the reserve instructor, fills in wherever is needed and plays an important role in the preparation of the meals served in the ADC. Michelle has been working in this field since 2002 and she states, she still enjoys it just much today as when she started 17 years ago. When Michelle was asked what she likes most about working for Bost, she said, she enjoys being around all of the consumers and her co-workers. When she was asked about her favorite project since she has been at Bost, she stated, she enjoys teaching the cooking class.  Michelle is truly dedicated to the Bost Mission and Vision. She is excited to teach the consumers life skills such as learning to cook, which will help them with their independence.  Michelle is dependable, hardworking and will do whatever is necessary to assist her co-workers. Michelle helps with the Annual Bost Christmas Parade Float and is always willing to do her part for the consumers at Special Olympics. Michelle is a real team player and an asset to her department.  We are glad Michelle Herron is a part of TEAM Bost.


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