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Regions Bank has created a seminar series for individuals with disabilities entitled “Money Basics for Life.”  They strive to provide those with disabilities the guidance, tools, and ability to bank independently and on their own terms.  We at Bost are SO pleased to be able to partner with Regions Bank to bring this series to those we serve!

Money Basics for Life will begin on Wednesday, May 12 in Fort Smith with Managing Your Money, which will teach money basics such as: what money is, forms in which it can be utilized, fees, interest, savings and what that means for the future, as well as managing money and how to go about doing that.


The second part of the series will be held on May 19 and will focus on Credit and Identity Theft.  Attendees will explore how to apply for credit, what it takes to establish and maintain good credit, interest rates, and how to protect their personal information.

Rhonda Jones, Director of Adult Development Services, believes this series will help those we serve to achieve even greater independence through being able to understand and manage more of their financial tasks.  This program will not only help the individuals that are their own guardians, but those that have representative payee services as well.  It will help them better understand where their money goes once it enters their accounts (bills, savings, spending, etc.)  Rhonda believes going through this course will give those we serve a more confident voice in their financial matters and allow them to be more in control.



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