Randy Rowton – A New Gentleman in the House!
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Born and raised in Arkansas, Randy Rowton came to Bost from his parent’s home in Greenwood in 2021.  He moved into Bost’s Brazil home in Fort Smith and has been a fantastic fit! His favorite thing about living at the Brazil is being able to wash dishes and helping keep his home clean.

When Randy is at Bost’s Skills facility, he is very interested in learning new things. He also enjoys spending time with his friends and his girlfriend.  He is very fond of her and looks for opportunities to be helpful to her, often helping her cut her food and clear her tray during lunch.  He is a very polite and helpful man, just as his mother raised him to be.

Those who know him best at the Brazil home describe Randy Rowton fondly, “He is a gentleman, patient, and has excellent manners. He genuinely wants to do the right things and he never get upset. He is a real blessing at Brazil!”

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